8 sustainable & environmental product evaluation criteria. 

A sustainable building starts with the quality of its components, as measured by their environmental impact. Certainly, the ideal sustainable material would have no adverse impact and might even play a restorative role in the planetary ecosystem. But this material does not yet exist, not on any sizable scale anyway.

This is where Greencode comes into play. Greencode rated textiles are evaluated according to its life cycle. This consists of four general stages: Raw material, manufacture and transportation, tenure in the building, and disposal or reuse. Understanding how each of these phases affects the environment is the key to understanding sustainability. 

By using the below 8 Sustainable & Environmental Product Evaluation Criteria as the background in the development of the Greencode rating standards, the product corresponding scorecard was created.

1 ) Made to last

2) The right material

3) Avoiding the landfills

4) Clean & lean production

5) Effcient distribution

6) CSR

7) Innovation

8) Use & safetly

Our GreenCode PDF document is available for you for download below.