244538 1887, Charcoal/Pearl


SOLAR CONTROL FABRIC                                6-7% Openness

 244538 2780, Pewter/Pearl

244538 2780, Pewter/Pearl

   244538 1500, Pearl/Light Pearl

   244538 4999, Bronze/Beige

Frontside or backside?. The answer to this question depends on your objective.  If you want to limit the visibility of the interior blinds from the outside as much as possible, then a dark color will be your best bet.  In this case, the color 2780 Pewter would be a good choice.  The actual fabric inner side of the Duotone would then be facing the outside, i.e., it would function as the fabric backside. The lighter inner side would then create a friendly and warm atmosphere inside the room.

If a higher Rs value is important to you, then the Duotone is still the right choice.  The lighter fabric sides reflect between 39-48% of the solar heat, depending on the color.  Regardless of what you are up to, the Duotone will always give you more than just one option.


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